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Review - The Book of Mormon

Updated: Apr 20

Prince of Wales Theatre

Booking until 10th August 2024

Photo credit: Paul Coltas

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The Book of Mormon is a well-lover musical that has graced the West End stage and thoroughly entertained theatre goers since the show opened in 2013, captivating audience with its witty humour, catchy songs, and a surprisingly poignant message. Created by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez, the musical comedy delivers an unexpected blend of satire, absurdity, and heart.


Set against the vibrant backdrop of Uganda, The Book of Mormon follows the misadventures of two mismatched Mormon missionaries: Elder Price (Blair Gibson) and Elder Cunningham (Connor Peirson). Their mission is to spread the teachings of the Latter-day Saints to the local villagers. From the moment the curtain rises, the audience is swept away on a whirlwind journey filled with laugh-out-loud moments, clever wordplay, and memorable musical numbers.


What makes this show remarkable is its fearless approach to important subjects. From organised religion to addressing issues of poverty and cultural imperialism, The Book of Mormon confronts some often-controversial topics head-on. It challenges audience members to rethink their perspectives while keeping them thoroughly entertained.


At the heart of the musical are its memorable characters, brought to life by a talented cast. The performances in this production are outstanding, with talented actors portraying their characters with humour, heart, and incredible vocals. Blair Gibson gives impeccable comic timing and vocal prowess whilst embodying the Mormon archetype – earnest and idealistic. His unlikely sidekick, Elder Cunningham, played by Connor Peirson, steals the show with endearing clumsiness and infectious enthusiasm, earning both laughter and sympathy from the audience.


The supporting cast, including the villagers of Uganda and an eccentric assortment of Mormon elders, adds depth and diversity to the story. Each character contributes their own unique quirks, making The Book of Mormon a delightful and thought-provoking theatrical experience. A stand out performance comes from ensemble member Zachary Miller, who delivers his lines with perfect wit and comedic timing; elevating the atmosphere and experience for the audience. Miller’s presence on stage, body language and reaction to other characters draws us in and adds to the magic of live theatre.


The Book of Mormon is a must-see show that will have you laughing, crying, and leaving the theatre with a renewed sense of joy and optimism. It's a must see for anyone who loves theatre and comedy.



Book, Music and Lyrics: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez

Co-Director and Choreographer: Casey Nicholaw

Music Supervision, Vocal Arranger and Co-Orchestrator: Stephen Oremus

UK Music Supervision: Nick Finlow

Musical Director: Colm O’Regan

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