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Review - Hide and Seek

Park Theatre

Playing until 30th March 2024

Photo credit: Mariano Gobbi

Review {AD-PR Invite}

Hide and Seek creates a blend of mystery and queer adolescence in this compelling production. Set against the backdrop of a quaint Italian village, the narrative unfolds with the disappearance of Gio, a teenage outcast portrayed by Louis Scarpa. As search parties scour the nearby forest, Mirko (Nico Cetrulo) stumbles upon Gio's hidden refuge, a cave that becomes the sanctuary for their unspoken emotions and burgeoning connection.


The play fearlessly confronts prevalent issues among youth, including bullying, social media's influence, and homophobia. While dialogue is occasionally rigid and stiff, it's balanced by dark humour and rich, poetic language that mirrors the characters' emotional complexities.


Constance Comparot's set design, featuring a massive slab of granite serving as a bed amidst panels of rock and roots, creates a palpable sense of claustrophobia. This atmosphere is further enhanced by Alex Forey's lighting, utilising onstage sources like phone torches and fairy lights to deepen the immersion.


Scarpa's portrayal of Gio captures the struggle for acceptance amidst a craving for both love and public attention, all encapsulated by his obsession with TikTok. His portrayal of the intricacies of the character are captivating. Cetrulowonderfully depicts the layers of Mirko, exuding a head strong, mindful young boy with layers of simmering anger and nervousness.


Tobia Rossi’s Hide and Seek is a poignant exploration of self-acceptance amid adversity, underscoring the risks associated with embracing one's true identity, especially concerning sexual orientation and individual autonomy. At its core, the play delves into the tumultuous journey of adolescence, where the cave serves as cocoon for the characters' introspection and vulnerability. Scarpa's Gio and Cetrulo's Mirko navigate this terrain with authenticity, offering a nuanced portrayal of teenage emotions.


As the narrative unfolds, the cave becomes a crucible for self-discovery, echoing the characters' internal struggles amidst societal pressures. Rossi's narrative skillfully critiques the impact of social media on identity formation, prompting reflection on the quest for validation in a digital age.


The production’s climactic scene crackles with emotional intensity, symbolising the characters' internal conflicts and the harsh realities they confront. In the aftermath, Gio and Mirko emerge transformed, their love story serving as a testament to resilience and authenticity. Ultimately, Hide and Seek transcends the boundary of its Italian village setting, resonating with audiences worldwide. It reminds us of the journey for authenticity and the power of connection.


Writer: Tobia Rossi

Translator and Director: Carlotta Brentan

Set Designer: Constance Comparot

Lighting Designer: Alex Forey

Music Composer: Simone Manfredini

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