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Review - Algorithms

Park Theatre

Playing until 11th May 2024

Photo credit: Ali Wright

Review {Ad-PR Gifted}

Sadie Clark's theatrical triumph, Algorithms, invites audiences on an exhilarating expedition through the intricacies of love and self-discovery within the digital realm. Nestled within the bustling environment of a burgeoning dating app startup, the narrative unfolds around Brooke, a character whose quirks and struggles resonate with our own experiences. As Brooke traverses through a landscape of modern romance, audiences are whisked away on a ride of emotions, entangled in a web of wit and unexpected connections.


Clark's portrayal of Brooke is nothing short of revelatory. Her performance oscillates effortlessly between vulnerability and razor-sharp humour, drawing viewers into Brooke's world with magnetic force. Against the backdrop of a minimalist stage, Brooke's dilemmas are magnified - the relentless pressure to conform, the relentless pursuit of love, and the omnipresent algorithms that shape our decisions.


The play parallels the mechanics of dating algorithms with the intricacies of our personal lives. Brooke's journey mirrors our own, as we navigate through societal expectations and strive for authenticity. The script delves deep into the messy reality of relationships, underscoring the notion that love is messy, flawed, and profoundly human.


Jennifer Rose's masterful lighting design deserves accolades of its own. It dynamically shifts in tandem with Brooke's emotional trajectory, from the comforting glow of optimism to the harsh glare of reality. The gilded party decorations serve as a poignant symbol, juxtaposing celebration with the hollow allure of social media's facade.


Algorithms transcends the confines of a typical romantic narrative; it is a poignant exploration of self amidst the noise of modern life. Brooke's bisexuality adds layers of complexity, challenging stereotypes and celebrating fluidity. The play's pacing is taut, holding audiences captive, while Clark's palpable chemistry with viewers electrifies the atmosphere. Upon leaving the theatre, one cannot help but ponder their own choices, both online and off. Some moments of the play felt a little too predictable, but slowly redeemed itself as we navigated through the different experiences portrayed on the stage.


Sadie Clark's Algorithms is a gem in contemporary theatre  - an enchanting rom-com tailored for the Tinder generation, where swipes show vulnerability, and laughter intertwines with introspection. Regardless of one's relationship status, this production extends an invitation to assess our personal algorithms and prioritise authenticity over superficiality.



Writer and Performer: Sadie Clark

Director: Madelaine Moore

Sound Designer: Nicola T Chang

Lighting Designer: Jennifer Rose

Stage Manager: Josie Shipp

Producer: Wildpark Entertainment

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