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  • Olivia Cox

Review - Puddles Pity Party

Soho Theatre

Touring UK until 22nd March 2024

Review (AD-PR Invite}

Puddles Pity Party isn’t your typical party. There’s no cake or balloons, and the host is overcome by an unshakeable melancholy rather than any sense of elation. It is, however, a funny, endearing, and surreally emotive 90 minutes steered by a very sad clown with a very lovely voice.


Puddles (the stage name of American entertainer Michael Geier) has seen global success over the last two decades, which has included an appearance on America’s Got Talent as well as his very own Las Vegas residency. Now, he brings his idiosyncratic blend of mime, comedy, and music to UK audiences.


Coulrophobia (or the phobia of clowns) may be a common phenomenon, but fear not — Puddles Pity Party is impossible to be scared of. After greeting each arriving audience member with a rather charming handshake, the gleeful cheers and applause as he steps onto the stage are clear evidence that he has plenty of fans in the theatre.


As soon as the show starts, it’s clear to see why Puddles has such a cult following. Punctuated with multimedia gags, delightful audience interaction, and expert physical comedy, Puddles treats us to a variety of musical covers performed in his trademark soulful style. With songs ranging from the likes of Lorde’s ‘Royals’(mashed up with ‘We Will Rock You’, naturally) to David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’, Puddles Pity Party is an absurdly brilliant feast for the eyes and ears.


One may wonder whether Puddles’ sense of humour won’t always translate to British audiences, such as a running gag about Kevin Costner could occasionally overstay its welcome, but there’s no denying that attendees were thoroughly entertained by this unique theatrical experience.


Where this charismatic clown truly shines is in his interactions with the audience. A particular highlight saw him performing Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ while running around the theatre, singing directly into the phones of anyone recording him, and swiftly giving these patrons’ phones to another random audience member.


It’s this kind of comedic calamity juxtaposed with beautifully tender vocals that makes Puddles Pity Party a riotous evening out. Who knew a sad clown could be so much fun?


Created by and starring: Michael Geier

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