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Welcome to my land of live theatre reviews

I'm Xi and and I love spending time (and a ridiculous amount of money) in theatres.

Disclaimer, I'm a theatre enthusiast but in no way am i trainerd in anything performance related. In fact, I was trained as a scientist and one may argue that is as far removed from arts and humanities as one can get. Nonetheless, that has never stopped me from enjoying live theatre or sharing my thoughts on them. 

I can't promise that I can provide you with the most comprehensive list of shows to watch out for nor reviews for everything on stage, but I can promise honest, no frills attached reviews.

While I have seen many shows over the years, I have rarely written my thoughts down. Combining this, having lived away from London and the pandemic, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to start anew and build this from scratch (feel free to call me crazy, you won't be the first one). 

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